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Mission Statement

ABCO Federal Credit Union is dedicated to helping members satisfy their financial needs and achieve their financial goals by serving as their primary financial institution and operating under these core principles:

  1. We will strive to provide our members with a broad range of financial services and convenience, while maintaining a financially safe and sound organization.
  2. We will strive to promote thrift among our members and create for them an opportunity for accumulating their savings and offer them a source of low interest loans.
  3. We will provide the highest allowable level of service while striving to maintain financial soundness to safeguard members' deposits and allow this institution to be vibrant and competitive in the marketplace.
  4. We will place high importance on member education and the teaching of financial thrift.
  5. We will continue our asset and membership growth. Both are essential to maintaining long-term visibility in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
Credit Union Philosophy

Credit unions are people-oriented financial institutions. They are non-profit cooperatives, formed, owned and operated for a single purpose: to help members help one another financially.

The first credit union in the United States was established more than 100 years ago. From that day to this, credit union philosophy has never varied from the basic principles of self-help and mutual aid.

The credit union exists not for profit, not for charity, but to serve the economic well-being of its members.


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